Wednesday, July 1, 2009

UIS broke out

UIS broke out of $1.50 level. A break above $1.60 will send this thing to $3.00. Great swing play! Pay attention!

CNXT chart

This $1.50 is one strong resistant level! A break above will be very powerful! Of course pay attention to volume as well!


Bought $CNXT yesterday (Thanks to Weeklyta) Gap up this morning $1.49 right around the resistance level $1.50.

Also Held $AGEN

Looking for $2.50 on this one!

Also A shout out to my homie RC(Ragin Cagun) Recommended some great links worth bookmarketing. GOOD LUCK ALL!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OCNF gap up premarket

Small gap up this morning. Looking for 1.65 - 1.70 first target!

Monday, June 29, 2009


RTIX took profit at open!Great win on ARM! I am keeping OCNF(5%position) over night if it can close above 200 day! Also keeping XTXI(5% position) ! and 90% in cash. GOOD LUCK ALL!


Pay attention on ARM might add some on this one stop below 200 day!


RTIX also moving up this morning.. getting ready to take some profit on this one. Recommended on June 19


Gap up this morning big volume came in on friday!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


A picture is better than a thousand words. Read IBANKCOIN and as I have said many many times; read Chartaddicts blog post in premarket before you trade!

Twilight Fans out there!

Don't know if any readers here are Twilight fan! Anyways me and my GF took a trip to port Angeles and Forks where Twilight begins! I have got to say it was a fun drive and not bad at all!(I thought it was gonna be boring as hell, but turns out it was pretty fun) Great Scenery!! Here are some additional pics. (first 17 of them). Time to scan some stock now! Will post some picks in premarket! Good Luck ALL!

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