Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chart updates/ Smart Scan review

I will be updating overnight positions chartst omorrow and also posting a Smart Scan service review. You guys are going to love this.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Free Trading Courses

I always tell my followers to not "shadow trading or be a "blind follower"" unless you know the setups. I can recommend picks but you have to decide when to buy and when to sell, when to take profit or loss etc...
Anyway, here are some Free Email Trading Courses - compliments of and MarketClub. Try to learn as much as you can over the weekend because I'm going to reveal a service that I have been (testing/using) for the past two weeks to scan for high probability trades/setups.

Email me: if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend guys.

Update: 6:40pm ET==========

Some of you told me that you want to learn technical trading but do not know where to start, what to learn, and how to scan good picks. Here are 7 great trading lesson videos I recommend watching over the weekend. The first one talks about breakouts and breakdown, which is something I use very often for day/swing trading. Learn those materials then you should be able to use a service that I will be showing you guys over the weekend to spot high probability trades.

Overnight positions:

LONG: anad cris dscm dyax gbe mvis nnbr cwsi

SHORT: stec sva

Your choice folks! Have a great weekend!

Will update charts on Sunday!

$MPG intraday update

Forming a ST. See which way it breaks. Will add if it breaks out of $1.80 with volume.

$MCGC intraday update

Watch $3.63 breakout with volume. Get out if it breaks below the bottom trend-line (remember you can always get back into a stock, so respect the chart).

$RPRX intraday update

Watch for $1.40 breaks out with volume.

$SOMX intraday update

The stock is threaten the bottom trendline! See which way it breaks

BPFH Setup!

$ARNA to watch!

The stock Gap up Afterhour because of FDA news. (Arena Pharma says weight-loss trial meets goals)

Update 7:58am ET ==============

Woah! The stock went from $6.68 to now $4.00.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Overnight positions Chart updates.



I sent out intraday alert about $BEE around $1.70.






Overnight positions!



Good luck folks! (Will update charts tonight or before market opens.)

Update: 4:17pm ET===============

SHOOT! - Forgot about $ABR grab some AH(After-Hour) if you can. It should gap up tomorrow.

The $CVGI Prediction

I drew this chart back in July 31, 2009. Comment about $CVGI going to $8.00 at that time the stock was at $2.00 at the time. The stock is trading at $7.09 as of today Sep 17, 2009.


Today SEP 17

$DNDN update intraday

$BEE intraday update

Testing June highs. Very strong move today!

$MBI intraday update

Forming a descending triangle, it's very critical which way the stock breaks from here.
I would get in if it test intraday highs again.

$YRCW intraday update

See which way it breaks!

Intraday update $PIR $ABR

$ABR Strong volume todya, a break above $2.50 should ge tthis one going.

$PIR trying to break out of ST(symmetrical triangle). A break above $3.30 should be good to go.

Overnight chart updates!





Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pick of the day.

Sent out alert on $DAC at $4.80 today. The stock topped out at $6.19.

Why $DAC?

1) Rounding base breakout.

2) Huge Volume

3) Price follows

Something you always want to look for in a BTFO (Break The Fxxk Out) stock. Hope you guys banked today.

Education video about the dollar index:

A great educational video that covers the technical setups of the Dollar index.

Since much of our recently rather were driven by commodities due to weak USD. It's good to pay attention on the Dollar Index. Hope you guys enjoy.

I will update charts tonight.

Overnight positions:

LONG: rad telk ico zqk

intraday update $DAC

Overnight posistions chart updates!







Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Overnight positions!

If you have been following me on twitter, and traded my picks. You should be banking coins today!

keeping a 5% positions on $CNO and the rest in cash!


Bought 5% ICO too.

$DAN intraday update

Will watch that $6.00 level. A break above $6.00 with volume is a buy! Thanks for the heads-up Gordon!

$YRCW intraday update

Watch for breakout or breakdown from here!

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