Friday, September 18, 2009

Free Trading Courses

I always tell my followers to not "shadow trading or be a "blind follower"" unless you know the setups. I can recommend picks but you have to decide when to buy and when to sell, when to take profit or loss etc...
Anyway, here are some Free Email Trading Courses - compliments of and MarketClub. Try to learn as much as you can over the weekend because I'm going to reveal a service that I have been (testing/using) for the past two weeks to scan for high probability trades/setups.

Email me: if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend guys.

Update: 6:40pm ET==========

Some of you told me that you want to learn technical trading but do not know where to start, what to learn, and how to scan good picks. Here are 7 great trading lesson videos I recommend watching over the weekend. The first one talks about breakouts and breakdown, which is something I use very often for day/swing trading. Learn those materials then you should be able to use a service that I will be showing you guys over the weekend to spot high probability trades.

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