Friday, September 25, 2009

Overnight position !


Update chart this weekend!

By the way I am now officially part of the PPT community. You guys are going to see me alot on PPT with Ragin Cagun from iBankCoin.


dulcevida said...

you re NOT officially or you are? PPT is great. Welcome aboard if you are! You, rajin and CA provide nice insight to charts!

question, do you swing and if so, have you used the trade triangles(footprints) in marketclub?

Tradermarket247 said...

Oops I will change that later! I meant "NOW"!

Back to the question. Because I am a daytrade, focusing on the intraday market's breakout and breakdown would be more important to me! Therefore I do not use the trade triangle very often since it focus on long term direction.

However, I do use the "smart scan" a lot since it saves me time scanning stocks( like going over 1k - 2k chart a night)! Now if you ask me can the smartscan service able to pick up all the good setups, I can tell you "no",but the scan should be able to generate 5 golden setups on average under the requirements on my review. I hope I answer your question and help you become a better trader!

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