Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pick of the day.

Sent out alert on $DAC at $4.80 today. The stock topped out at $6.19.

Why $DAC?

1) Rounding base breakout.

2) Huge Volume

3) Price follows

Something you always want to look for in a BTFO (Break The Fxxk Out) stock. Hope you guys banked today.


Anonymous said...

been following your calls, nice! John has taught you well. I'm in the process on learning-hit it good on some and missing others. Besides John's educational stuff what else did you study? and what's your nightly/morning setup? what do you research for potential BTFO's for the next trading session? scans?

Tradermarket247 said...

Please leave your name for easy tracking and also get to know you better. I read a lot of trading psychology books I believe that is one of the most important skill to master. I can give you a 100% gainer but you can still manage to make a loss if you trade emotionally. I do scans when I have time otherwise I rely on alerts during trading hours. I'm currently testing a program that does scans for potential breakout plays and is working pretty well. I will let you know as soon as I confirm it.

me said...

cool-what alerts? like TradeIdeas? would love to play with it. keep me posted. you have my email now. Also, I'm on stocktwits.
Trading on emotion, that's definitely my biggest problem!

what filters are u putting on the alerts? vol? relative volume? ratio of volume movement in last 5-10 minutes?

thanks brother!
where are you geographically?

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