Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Overnight positions!

Swing shorting: CSR DNR SIGM GVA

Later folks!


Candlestick Warrior said...

Hey man, what is the typical holding time for your swings? Do you look to sell the next day or are they generally holds for a few days?


Tradermarket247 said...

It really depends! I Have been doing gap up plays for all my overnight holdings, meaning Sell the next day as a momentum play. Right now I am just testing the water shorting all these weak names who hasn't been benefiting from this rally and see what happens.

Ben said...

Good luck with your shorts tomorrow. I see the obvious patterns in all 3 with proper volume correlation and everything, with the exception of DNR? What is it that you see in DNR about its specific chart that makes you like it because the volume pattern is confusing to me.


Tradermarket247 said...

Ben - see my post update!

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