Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Overnight positions!

Holding NAVI overnight (Holding it into earning) CEMJQ and FTWR

EPIC day today made some serious money with NAVI, SBSA, CEMJQ.

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CandleStick Warrior said...

Hey what do you think about KKD, TAM, and TA? Picked up some NAVI too!!


Tradermarket247 said...

KKD Brokeout with huge volume today. Expecting it to test $4.20 resistance level. Very nice setup.

TAM - Brokeout from neutral range with huge volume. I would actually like to see a retest $14.50 before going higher. Another great setup.

TA - Nice base breakout on this one with above average volume. Again, great setup.

Hey Candlestick Warrior you sure know what you are doing! Not sure why you came to me, Hah. Good job man!

CandleStick Warrior said...

just getting confirmation I guess! are doing really well too and I've learned a lot of your setups by looking at your charts, like what targets are next and what to look for.

Hey do you have any filters/scans to find gap up plays right at the open or to find all stocks that are going to gap up at the open? any websites, etc?? thanks!

Tradermarket247 said...

I used to scan 1000 - 2000 a night but recently I have been using marketclub smart scan to save my time. You can read my review on the right side of my blog.

Ben said...

Great job today. Can't believe i was on a plane all day flying to CA and missed the action. I held SBSA from the other day though, and am still holding it. THanks for the heads up yesterday!

Tradermarket247 said...

No problem Ben. I am happy that I can help.

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