Thursday, October 15, 2009


Made nice gains on CEMJQ today.
Still holding FTWR overnight and added BLDP for overnight position!

Will draw chart tonight!


uh.. guess NO FTWR! Weird sell off at the end!

also added OCLR overnight


Ben said...

You nameless blogger! Hope all is well this week. Got a question for you. Last week u liked PENN short below $26. Looks like it couldn't close above 200 day yesterday and got hit hard today. Still like it short?

Tradermarket247 said...

Very likely the stock would gap down tomorrow due to...

1)High volume sell off.
2)Broke down $26.00 support level and failed to close above it.

If the stock get a bounce tomorrow. You can always reshort it again when it breaks down below $25.88.

This stock is going lower.

Ben said...

Thanks for the analysis. BTW, i just turned on a friend in California to your blog last night, and he thinks its great...

Tradermarket247 said...

Oh ya? Thanks for the props. When are you coming back?

Ben said...

Sunday morning. Red eye. Then next week having hip surgery. Good news is I will have a whole week off to trade all day finally. Hope ur doin well today. Saw Penn was down nicely. I'm bummed I got stopped out of my ge short the other day, becUse I really liked their short setup on the dAily.

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