Saturday, October 10, 2009

Potential Mega Trades for Q4

Here is a summary from Adam Hewison about this video -

"It seems to me that we are at an inflection point in the economy. The government has blown pretty much all of its money and the economic recovery and the economy is still sputtering along. No surprise there.

So what’s going to happen? I believe that we’ll have another economic downturn which is going to push the dollar to new lows, push gold to new highs, and push the equity markets back down to their March lows.

Yes, I know it’s a scary scenario but that’s what could potentially happen. We are just looking for one or two more pieces to fall into place and then we could see the unfolding of a very dramatic set of economic conditions here in the United States."

Listen, as strong as the market looks right now, I think we should keep an open mind when it comes to trading. You don't have to agree what this video has to offer, but just that you have to realize anything is possible. Hope you enjoy!

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