Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The not so rare Rare Earth Metals

According to Wikipedia - "Despite their name, rare earth elements (with the exception of the highly unstable promethium) are relatively plentiful in the Earth's crust, with cerium being the 25th most abundant element at 68 parts per million (similar to copper). However, because of their geochemical properties, rare earth elements are not often found in concentrated and economically exploitable forms. Instead, they are usually found inrare earth minerals.[2] It was the very scarcity of these minerals (previously called "earths") that led to the term "rare earth"."

Sooooo... Yes, they are not that rare but I am not going to spend time to justify these rare earth companies's earnings vs their share prices. The truth is people are bidding them up right now, so do not fight it and always trade what you see not what you think. Right now all I can see now is $MCP hit $50 today, $AVL broke out to new highs... etc. Below are couple rare earth stocks that are setting up for a breakout/continuation day.




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some power stocks you got. :D

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