Monday, June 20, 2011

$ORS trade review

Step 1) Scan the night before (See full list of trading ideas here)
Step 2) Have your charts ready infront of your screen before market opens

Step 3) Execute your trade

So what made me buy the stop?

1) I talked about $ORS yesterday on my Trading ideas post, that $3.00 was a big support for the stock and it seem to held on Friday and managed to close at $3.19. So as long as the $3.00 level holds, I am bullish.

2) The stock made a small gap up and immediately spiked higher on volume within minutes after open.

3) Below are my executions on the trade.

The total profit was around $1,200 and I spent about 13 mintues on the trade. After that I think you can just call it day. Don't work for your money, make it work for your. Sometimes sitting in front of your desk all day does not translate into more profit. Plan your trade, and trade your plan.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME trade, nice work TM247

Tradermarket247 said...

thanks brah!

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