Friday, August 19, 2011

Pigs get slaughtered

"OINK OINK +oo+"

 I held 1500 shares of TZA into the close yesterday looking for a possible gap down at open this morning. Well guess what? I got my gap-down at open. Saw a $5000 unrealized gain fading since open. I kept telling myself that this is just a weak bounce and once the bounce is over the market will continue lower lower and then CRASH!!! Instead, what the fuck did the market do? It continue to rally, I turned into a deer in the headlights mode watching my profit fading +$4000, +$3000, +$2000, +$1000 .......... aaaaaaaaaaaaannd I end up selling for -$200 loss!! Pigs gets slaughtered folks, and I was one BIG FAT CHINESE PIG this morning. Protect your profits at all time, don't let your EGO run the game. Have a kick ass weekend everyone!


Harry said...

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The Average Jay said...

It has happened to all of us at some point. I find myself taking what I can these days. Great post. It takes a lot of guts to tell the world your mistakes. This post will help more then a few people become better traders. Thanks

mike said...

haha, good advice, nice to take profits every now and then, esp in strong overbought market.

I added your blog to my blogroll, please do the same with mine.


That old saying still sticks even today.

Anonymous said...

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