Friday, January 22, 2010


What a crazy day today. I traded whole bunch of securities such as... Long PARD SOMX GNVC and Short AIG...etc but one of the most exciting trade was ticker $ACOR.

FDA approval news came out around 3:35 ET. I immediately pull up both 5min/1min chart of ACOR anticipating a secondary breakout. After 17 mins of consolidation from the initial spike-up the stock was setting up for a breakout again, which triggered my buy at $27.41 (3:52ET) and sell $29.18 (3:53ET) in less than a minute.


kunal00 said...

bad ass trade bro...thats some serious skill

Tradermarket247 said...

LOL I was soon close from shutting down my trading platform and call it the day.. last minute surprise. Should have bought more!!

pennyflipper said...

nice effin trade!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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